36" - 46" Mattone Cupola availability

Does anybody know if BWO still offers the larger sizes of the Mattone Cupola (36" and above)?
I have tried to put the 36" in my cart but I keep getting redirected to the 28" model.

I had built my own WFO when I lived on the East Coast (39") and briefly owned a 28" oven by a competitor (which I wasn’t crazy about and found too small). I think 36" sounds about right to me and I was excited to see this option but can’t seem to get an answer from the website (I have also submitted a question).

I hate to say it, but we had to pull the 36" - 46" Cupolas, and I don’t know when we will be able to bring them back.

Due to the rising costs in Materials, Freight & Labor, these popular large oven forms were cost-prohibitive to manufacture - and as my wife / accountant / office manager grievously pointed out… we were actually losing money on each form / kit we sold.

We are able to manufacture the 28’s, but we will need to increase the price of these units very soon. We just got our FOURTH foam price increase in less than 10 months… and we haven’t increased pricing on any of our pizza oven kits in years.

I’m HOPING to bring the big ovens back by mid 2022… Fingers Crossed that things settle down in the supply chain.