Building a BrickWood Oven - It's not just a Guy thing!

Hey Matt,

Here is the oven so far! This weekend it is the back and chimney. Also, for any women out there reading this (this forum seems to be mainly guys) I’d just like to point out that my husband built the base but it is all me, female power, that built the oven part.

So just a shout out to any women thinking of building, you totally can do it!!! I will say the bottom base slabs would be a beast to do without a lot of strength, though.


That looks great! You’re a great team and you are SO going to enjoy this oven when it is done.

And total thank you for the shout-out to the women here. While there is definitely a male brawniness component to this build (just thinking about those hearth slabs, which I agree are a strength challenge), I’m aware that right now there are a number of other women building a BrickWood, and many more teaming up as you are. I always talk about “our oven” because my spouse and I did this together.

The way I see it, almost anyone without regard to gender can build 90 percent of this project as a solo effort, and the other 10 percent is a community effort.

Thanks for sharing this photo, and looking forward to more as you continue.


Yes! Absolutely doable for the females also!
I too also built probably about 75-80% of the oven, minus the foundation that contractors poured as we made it a part of our extended patio! Got the guys to help lift the hearth slabs up, but I pretty much did the rest minus the few times hubs helped with the refractory mold for the Cortile!
(I swear I’ll send the photos eventually Brickwood) :slight_smile:


Thanks for that! And yes, please keep your resolution to send photos to @BrickWood … you deserve the recognition!

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Yes. We’ve finish the oven and used at least every other week. Just have not finished it exteriorly :upside_down_face:

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