DuraTech kit doesn't fit in chimney hole?

I don’t see anything mentioning this on the purchase page or in the instructions. The instructions show it as a flat bottom and the images on the site also appear to be flat. Now what?

Hi Ryan,

Could you please clarify what you’re asking here? A picture or two would really help.


The DuraTech kit plate has a lip sticking out the bottom that won’t fit in the chimney. I assumed, based off the data that was available that it was a flat bottom.

The instructions show it flat

Is the plate attached to the chimney in that photo? If so, I think you have the plate upside down.

Or…there should be a second box inside the chimney kit carton. That box has the anchor plate. It has a flat bottom, and a flange that sticks up to receive the flange shown in your photo.

Based on pic provided of chimney top it appears that the top row of bricks are not cut out that extra 3/4 inch to accommodate the round bottom of the base plate per the instructions titled if using a Duratech follow these instructions. I had no issue sitting the baseplate flat once I made that 3/4 inch cutout on all 4 bricks.

Top of Page 15… We even have it circled in Red…


Sorry to hear of your troubles. This is what you need:

  • A marker
  • 4 inch angle grinder with a box of abrasive cutting wheels
  • A chisel
  • A hammer
  • A face shield
  • Ear plugs and gloves
  • Drop cloth
  • Maybe a 12 pack of beer

Take the anchor plate and set it over the chimney centered. Then trace out the hole with the marker. That will reveal where you need to grind away. Place drop cloth under chimney. Put on your ppe.

Take the grinder and cut slots to you trace mark about a 1/4 of an inch apart. You might wantvto go just past you mark so the flange will fit with ease. Remember you only have to go down as far as your flange. Take the chisel a very lightly chip away your slots. You don’t want to be to aggresive and break up the brick. Then place anchor plate over chimney to see if it fits. Make neccessary adjustments if needed.

After you made sure it fits, enjoy a beverage. Full disclosure, never operate power tools or snd tools while drinking alcohol beverages. Lol

Hope this helps.