High temp mortar on front thin brick?

Referring to the front bricks from step E in the “Closing off the Front” part of the guide. I have regular red brick for this purpose. The guide just says mortar, but I assumed from the proximity to the heat it would be better to mix more of the high heat. That also means opening another bag of silica sand though.

The rest of the oven will be covered in tile. Haven’t decided if I’ll cover these new bricks as well.

Almost done! Trying to figure out the bottom as well.

Hi Patrick, great to see you back!

The guideline for materials to close off the front is to use refractory if you have it. You can use standard bricks if that is what you have. Firebrick is preferred, but the front does not take as much direct flame as the arch and back. And, like your hearth frame, it’s better to have the high-temp mortar to hold it together. I’ve reserved a bag for that purpose when I tackle that part of the job. (I have not, because I’m having too much fun cooking! But I will do it this fall.)

Looks like your build is in fine shape! Looking forward to hearing (and seeing) how things come out.

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