Missing instructions?

having a little confusion with the instructions for the Mattone Brarile directions. Page 9 step number 7 states not to fill the loose joints between firebricks you will do this in step 48. there is no step 48. i am almost done with my oven and noticed there is a 2 lb bag of flour on the materials list, id this what this is for? also when do i put this in before or after i start to cure the oven. thanks Matt

Hi Matt,

“Step 48” is becoming legendary. And yes, you are correct, there is no “Step 48” but there used to be. Here’s the link to why.

The small bag of flour was for that step. You could use it to make a nice loaf or two of bread in your new oven!

I know that @BrickWood is working hard to produce a thoroughly revised version of the instructions, which will not include any references to Step 48 or flour. :slight_smile:

Good luck finishing up your build!