New Door Handle Design On The Way - Feedback Wanted

After dealing with numerous casting factories in China and Vietnam (to no avail), I was struck w/ inspiration a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve spoken w/ our metal fabricator, and with the correct tooling, we can have the brackets made in the Good 'ol USA and have them painted w/ the same paint as our doors. The mounting / bolt pattern is the EXACT same as the existing door mounting pattern, so they will attach to your existing door.

Here’s the design - I don’t have and ETA yet, but they WILL be fabricated in 2023.


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Many BWO bakers are looking forward to this retrofit. Thank you @BrickWood!

Looks good to me - what is the steel stock or thickness?

One other thought - could you widen the stock to match the holes in the door - so you could just bend 90 degrees and have the handle one contiguous piece, rather than a weld (it looks like) at the door?

Will these handles be available as a retrofit for an existing door or will only be available with a new door?

Good to see you back, John!

@BrickWood has been mulling this as both a new product and a retrofit product. If you look again at his post, you’ll see:

Door handles have been on the burner, so to speak, for a couple of years. Every retrofit design up to now has run up against supply chain issues. It sounds to me like he’s found a way to meld design and materials.

No word on what a retrofit kit will include, but I know he wants to put in our hands everything that’s needed to make these handles look like they’re part of the OEM door.

Good idea. Looking at the design aesthetically, though, that might make the standoffs appear too “chunky”. More practically, it would take more raw metal stock to produce that, and I know one issue was the practical one of materials supply.

I’d be concerned about anything less than a continuous weld along that joint.

Definitely one to add to the “possible design issue” hopper.

Thanks Don!

Following up on your question about avoiding a weld, Don: I’ve confirmed with @BrickWood that the design is in fact a one piece part. He says it was just an artifact of the CAD rendering that showed it as 2 pieces.

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Nice! Thanks StudBud…

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