Sealing up the oven doorway

Hello, I have finished my Cortille Barrile and used S-Mortar as the exterior stucco coats with fiberglass hairs to control cracking. 3 full coats with fibers and no micro cracking. I then applied Xypex concentrate as a sealer to the exterior. This is industrial concrete sealer that is used on water holding tanks, etc. We plan to veneer the outside of the oven next year.

One issue I am having is sealing off the doorway from water intrusion from the rain. I noticed the front few inches of the hearth brick are getting wet.

What strategies are other people using ?

Hello Mark, and congratulations on finishing your oven. Sounds like you’re mostly covered against water intrusion.

I don’t have anything I can suggest as I don’t own the oven. Water on the hearth is sometimes also an issue with the Mattone Barile design, but it tends to evaporate as part of the normal firing up process.

So, Cortile Barile owners, how do you keep water out of your oven doorways?