Step 48 can not be found

The directions say to wait until step 48 to fill sand between the firebricks. I can not find step 48. When is this supposed to be done? Thanks, Eric

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Step 48 is there to ensure you are reading the instructions.

Just kidding.

You encountered an editing artifact. At one time there was an actual step 48, instructing you to dump a pound of white flour on the floor of the oven and sweep it into all the joins between the bricks.

It’s not necessary, and BrickWood took that step out of the instructions. But the reference earlier in the instructions stubbornly persists.

We don’t give BrickWood a hard time about this because they’re a small company, they’re working on a totally awesome v2.0 of the instructions, and we’d rather they focus on that as opposed to revising an older doc.

But welcome to the club. One of my first posts here asked the same question. :slight_smile:

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So there is not sand or flour that fills the spaces between the firebricks?

That is correct. (And that was my next question at the time.)

You will be setting the firebrick tightly into the void. The sand underneath holds them in place. The ashes from your curing fires will fill the small spaces between the brick.

Do not put sand on the floor to fill those spaces unless you enjoy gritty pizza.

I know the reference in the instructions is puzzling. But step 48 was taken out because experience has shown it’s really not needed.