Using Birch in oven

I just picked up some free birch wood that’s been sitting around for a couple of years.

I’ve read some conflicting info on it’s use for pizza ovens. What is your take on using it in Mattone Barile?


I do not have Mattone Barile, and I have not used birch recently for anything at all. However, if you download the manual to BrickWood Box installation, there is an info on birch - it is of the lowest quality to use in the oven (page 29). I am not sure how the wood was classified though, but my childhood recollections are that birch burns relatively quickly and does not release much heat, compared to oak, for example.

Thanks for info. I downloaded the PDF and that’s good info.

As long as the Birch is not on the “Do Not Burn” list I’m happy. As the price was right, I’ll use it. I can use to get the oven started then use the good stuff on 2nd & 3rd burns,