Why didn't my oven kit come with the foam panels that are used to create the void in the hearth slab of the pizza oven base?

While the Cortile Barile oven kit comes with the foam EPS panels that are used as the insulation layer of the pizza oven base, the Mattone Barile / Grande and the Mattone Cupola kits do not.

To be honest, by placing the 2 hearth base slab panels w/ the Cortile kit, we were able to save on shipping / packaging by shipping in 1 box size instead of 2 different box sizes.

Not to worry!

4’ x 8’ x 2” EPS foam sheets are sold at all Big Box hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowes & Rona (not True Value or ACE – sorry).

You can find the panels in the Millwork section or in the Garage Door section (the panels are used as garage door insulation.