Winter use and wet inside

I fired up the oven and had it going for 5 hours. But the oven floor was fairly damp and outside temp around freezing. The oven never got hot. Any thoughts?

When was the last time you used it? Do you have a picture of your oven with the veneer? Do you have a roof?

Most likely it was damp and you need to go through another cure to drive the moisture out.


I think the answer was in your question. Cold outside plus excessive moisture. I agree that you should do another cure to get the moisture out.

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What @Ando443 and @Newman said.

Mine got soaked in a couple of monsoon events on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. The mouth of the oven was protected, but water poured down the sides of the dome and absolutely drenched the framing bricks around the hearth. They can and will wick water inside. I’ll have to do a complete set of curing fires when the weather allows, and I will also be waterproofing the framing bricks going forward.

When I see snow and water on my oven; it makes me sad. It’s getting a roof this spring!

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I get it. All I see right now is grey sky, blue tarp and white snow. Depressing.

My tarp is forest green, and thankfully it was sunny today. It’s just incentive to get out there as soon as it’s possible and cook, cook, cook. :slight_smile:

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Went thr3the same troubles. Same sadness. Build a house around the oven last year and making a custom door soon. ! Hang in there. 20210217_162438|690x335

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