Applying Fireblanket to Firebrick

We are building our 1st Pizza oven and having a great time!

We are at the stage in the project to attach the Fire Blanket to the outside of the stove.

We understand that we will place the Fire Blanket onto the stove and then surround it in Chickenwire.

What is not clear is should we attach the Fire Blanket to the stove exterior with some sort of adhesive before wrapping with the Chicken Wire?

If so, what do you recommend?

Thanks for your advice!

I had the exact same question when I built my oven! You won’t need any adhesive. The fire blanket has some structure to it and will mold to your oven exterior. It helps to have a 2nd person to hold in down in places when you are wrapping it with the wire though.

Thanks for the input, much appreciated!

I also seen on one of the videos here was to use tie wire to hold in place. I was thinking of using there idea as my help might still be asleep when I get to that point.

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