Attaching wood trim to cement

I want to attach mahogany wood trim around my oven. What is the best way to do this? What did you use and any tips would be great. I’d like to countersink the screw and cover it.

Hi Eric,

I’m presuming you mean “around the edge of the hearth slab.” That would be a job for Tapcon anchors and screws. You need a plug-cutter to pull out about a half-inch of wood and reserve it for covering. Drill through the mahogany and into the slab, then install your anchors. Drill the countersink (which won’t have to go very far, just to get the head flush to the hole’s surface), then the Tapcon screw. Finally, wood-glue the plug back into place matching up the grain with the surrounding surface.

I know the above is simplified, but that’s the overview.

One important tip, which I’m guessing you already know but it should be said: even mahogany is going to need a good surface protectant (like polyurethane), and you are also going to have to be sure to seal all the joints between the wood and the concrete. Just like a window frame, you do not want any water getting between the wood and the concrete.

I’m really intrigued to see your finished oven now! Looking forward to photos, and good luck.