Beans and salmon

I used a cast iron griddle from my Big Green Egg to char some green beans and then added a whipped feta and balsamic sauce and cedar planked salmon. I did one with blackening seasoning and one with Montreal seasoning. Dinner was a hit!


Wonderful Pics!!! I checked my email and mailbox… and I just can’t seem to find the invite for the BBQ.

Hmmm. Maybe next time :wink:

Thanks for adding the delicious pics!

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In addition to the disappointment I share with others over my empty email box…I appreciate these photos for demonstrating another configuration for the barrel oven. It’s most common to have the flames in the back, but for roasting and some baking pulling them out to the side as you’ve done here is way more effective—and leaves room in the front for indirect flame baking.

You are truly getting maximum use from your oven, Demond, and all kidding aside I’m glad you have such an appreciative “audience” to enjoy these feasts.

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Everything looks fantastic! Where did you get the big cast iron griddle?

That is actually a half moon griddle for my XL Big Green Egg. It is flat on one side and has the griddle strips on the other. I borrowed it from my egg for the cook.

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Nice, thanks for responding. You have a BGE and a brick pizza oven, sounds like an awesome setup. Enjoy the summer!

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Nope. I have a pizza oven and 3 Big Green Eggs (and a gas grill), lol.

Have a great summer too!!