BrickWood Box Q’s

I am getting started on my box and I was wondering if anyone has built one?
First question is how come we don’t use castable on the bottom slab? We us it on the top (grilling) slab but not the oven (lower slab) slab?

Anyone do the castable slab in place?
That’s what I did on my pizza oven slab. Worked good but didn’t know if anyone has done it on the firebox

Any good general info on what to look out for or things people wish they would have done different

Thanks KOB

Any thoughts on this?
Pouring my pad this coming week and then setting blocks

I know that this is likely way too late but I built a BrickWood Box this summer and it turned out great. I need to submit pictures but I ended up going with a regular slab but I did pour it wider and longer than the directions so I would have more room around it on solid concrete. I followed the directions to a T except for the fireing up and ended up having cracks in both the concrete slab and the top oven chamber. It still works amazing and I couldn’t be happier. I used it as a smoker and rotisserie. I need to work on the smoking portion but that’s another topic. I honestly couldn’t be happier with both the BrickWood Box and Pizza that I built. Again, I know this is late but let me know if you have any questions.

Ok, so I finished the base for the box; two full rows. The instructions and the picture in the instructions show two rows of cinderblock. To me, not only does it seem too low, but I have a lot of cinderblock left.

The materials list calls for 24x 16" cinderblock and six of the half size (27 total). The rows for the base have about eight cinderblocks each. That means I have used about 16 of them. The top (the actual box) uses firebrick.

Can anyone explain?

Thank you

Any idea as to how big the stainless steel Grill Grates Are?
The description says 365 SQ in cooking surface, but does not say anything about measurements. How many can I fit in the box? I am about to order two, but I would like to know before I order.

Can I fit three? Can I fit two and a griddle?

Thank you

I suppose nobody had the same question? I have a tone of cinderblock left, which I will use for a side table or something like it, but I was wondering why so many were required.

For a moment there I thought I would had three rows of brick, or that I would add an extra one to make the box higher, but I realized that would put the smoking oven lower… I have never done any smoking so I do not know what the consequences would be.

The base slab will be covered in fire bricks. Those are made to withstand the direct heat.
(I have only lit my first two fires in mine :grinning: so far so good)

Question and help.
I got a crack after first time use. The crack was along the corner, from the veneer all the way to the fire bricks, where it stops. What I can guess is that the concrete panels - the walls outside the brickbox - were not 100% joined and there was some space. I imagine what happens is the heat went to the corner and broke the outside veneer. The firebricks are not broken, the crack went towards the outside.
Any recommendations?
We are thinking of filling in the spaces with high temp mortar. Any ideas? Shall I use concrete instead? please help

Easy Fix - But first… can you take a pic or two so I can verify before recommending which patch to use. And again - no worries… easy fix!