Can Castable Refractory Cement be used to make a SOLID and smooth pizza oven floor?

Can castable refractory cement be used to make a solid, smooth pizza oven floor?


Have I ever done it? Nope… But I really, really want to on our next oven build!

I haven’t put too much research into this topic (yet) - so I don’t know the manufacturer recommended thickness of the FOOD GRADE Castable Refractory Cement hearth / cooking surface. You also need some next-level masonry skills to get that hearth cooking surface baby-butt smooth.

We recommend firebricks as they are easy to replace if one cracks. If your refractory floor cracks… well…

Harbison walker recommends 3” minimum for this application. Cost is higher than fire brick too. So maybe bricks is the best option. I just like the idea of one solid smooth surface. Thanks