Can this be repaired? Normal?

So today is Day 7 and I have begun to strip the styrofoam away from the front and back slabs. While both are very solid the flanged areas and thinner parts are a bit brittle in places (see the missing chunk in the front panel flange). Please see photos. Please tell me this can be somehow fixed and its not a loss! A bit nervous before unpacking the sides and tops. If the voids can be patched do I use the high temp mortar? What about the flange on the front inside? Slightly brittle at the edge. Patch it all with the high temp mortar?

One more question. I noticed quite a few of the stainless steel fibers are at surface level. Do I try to pull them out? I’m having bad visions of a steel fiber or two ending up in a pizza.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I have no experience with casting, so i’m going to leave it to others to advise about whether or how to patch. I would suggest that you go ahead and open up the rest of the casting. That way you’ll know where you are with the entire piece, and can describe what you’re seeing in a way that will let others know about the quality of the pour itself.