Can you mix castable cements?

I had two of my bags of castable break moving them and lost the contents. I have been able to get three replacement bags of Morgan Kaolite… vs the Ovenzz from Harbison Walker. Is it OK to mix a portion of the lighter castable into each batch of the heavier castable without compromising my build?

Hello Frank, and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

Way outside my knowledge on that question. My suggestion would be to contact Harbison-Walker technical support and ask them directly. Make sure you have very specific information about the Morgan Kaolite mix, and that you want to know about compatibility.

They might tell you “no” on general principle, but you must ask or else lose a lot of sleep over whether your oven will fail while it’s red hot.

If you think it’s warranted, you could also tell them that the bags broke and see if they’ll replace them out of good will.

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Thanks for the response Matt, I had also reached out to Harbison Walker and they told me the castable was different enough that it could be a problem. I was able to find the two bags online and am having them shipped.