Cast veneer stone for the base Sq ft needed?

Does anyone know how many sq ft of stone is needed to cover the base? I need to order the flats and corners and want to make sure I have enough. Thanks.

Hi Eric,

There’s more than one base, so it would be helpful to know which base you built. I know that generally @BrickWood recommends that you show the plans for the base you built to your supplier and let them make a calculation. They know how to spec their products so you will have enough for your application.

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Here are the dimensions for the Mattone Barile Grande base -

Simply download / print this image and take it w/ you to your masonry supply. All the numbers they need are in this image.

Try to get 5% - 8% overage to cover any transportation breakage and bad cuts…

For that base my math came out to 43 sq ft of flats and 20 linear feet of corner. The 43 sq ft of flats includes the corners that will be covered by the corner veneer, so it already includes overage. I rounded up to 50 Sq ft anyway. That’s also just to cover the 3 sides and front of the base, not the inside walls.


This is a big help… Thanks Mike.

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