Concrete Stain, Sealers and Concrete Prep


Most manufacturers spray a sealer onto their concrete blocks and pavers during the manufacturing process to keep water from penetrating the concrete. This sealer can prevent your stain from adhering to the concrete (and if it does, it can look blotchy).

Remove the factory sealer with DRYLOCK ETCH and a SCRUB BRUSH before you mortar your block or pavers into place. DryLok Etch preps your concrete and masonry so your stain (and paint) will bond. Make sure you rise / scrub the concrete very, very well to remove any Drylok powder that may remain before staining / painting.


  • Quart Size
  • Gallon is TOO much
  • Cheap plastic tarp to wrap base (prevent stain from hitting block)
  • Spray bottle is recommended on the instructions, but that can cause puddling. A 2" brush is what we recommend - but it can leave brush marks, so dab, dab, dab.

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