Concrete Wash-Out Area & Junk Buckets

Have you ever driven by a construction site and noticed a sign stating “Concrete Wash-Out Area”? This is an area that is designated to collect unused concrete mix – and an area for spraying trucks, mixers, wheelbarrows and tools with clean water. After a period of time, and multiple days / weeks of cleaning, a thick layer of rock-hard concrete develops on the ground which will be removed at a later date.

The same cleaning method will be needed to remove concrete and mortar mix from your tools, buckets and wheelbarrow / mixing tub during your BrickWood Box project. Instead of rolling a wheelbarrow full of diluted concrete and dumping it onto your neighbors out-of-control Blackberry bush, simply wash all of your tools in an easy-to-dispose kiddie pool (or similar). The concrete will settle and harden on the bottom over time and water will rise to the top and evaporate. Once your project is over, simply dispose of the kiddie pool.

5-Gallon Junk Buckets are also handy on a job site. This is simply a junk bucket that you keep with you at all times for disposing of things like excess mortar and cement, brick and block trimmings… Big Gulp cups, Quarter-Pound Big Bite wrappers and your Mother-in-Law’s “famous” chicken salad sandwiches that contain a ridiculous amount of that noxious and poisonous weed called - celery.

Don’t buy new Junk Buckets as you are going to throw them away. Look for cheap / used buckets in your area. Your local paint supply, hardware store or even on Craigslist, you can usually find people WANTING to get rid of nasty / used buckets.