Construction adhesive

I’ve applied stucco and now wish to adhere thin brick veneer. Since the oven has two layers of ceramic blanket and two coats of stucco is it ok to simply use construction adhesive to apply the thin brick? I would then grout with mortar between bricks.

Hello, Birddog, and welcome to the BrickWood forums.

In general I would advise against using construction adhesive for this purpose. Even though you have insulation against the heat from inside the oven, you are fully exposed to environmental heat from outside the oven, as well as extremes of heat and cold. Most construction adhesives will eventually break down under that stress, and there goes your veneer.

This article is a helpful guide to thin brick veneer mortars and adhesives. It discusses construction adhesive, including the one type you might consider, but generally I’d advise using one of the mortar types described here. You’ll end up needing mortar anyway for the joints, so why not just simplify the task and use one product?

If there’s anything I’ve missed about your particular project, please do reply; and sounds like you’re either ready to fire it up or you’ve already enjoyed the first fruits of your oven!

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