Cracks on the Outer Shell

I have just completed all the steps and built the oven \o/. I am very happy with the outcome. However, while waiting for the mortar mix to dry out on the outer shell, I am noticing few hair-line cracks (I even made sure to spray water to not let it dry out fast). Has anyone encountered a similar problem? I am worried the water will seep into the insulation and create mold … any recommendation?

Before you seal the outer shell w/ veneer, organic water-sealant or with several layers of exterior paint, you will want to patch those hairline cracks. Grab 2" putty knife - and follow the printed instructions on the back of the container…

The DAP All-Purpose Stucco Patch is available at almost every hardware store on earth.

The DAP Ready-Mixed Concrete Patch is usually at the Big Box hardware stores (HD, Lowes).

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