Did I make an error by using regular mortar between the hearth frame bricks?

Hello Everyone,

I just finished steps 51 - 55 (placing the red bricks around the fire bricks) of the oven base and even though I bought the package that included the high temp mortar, I forgot that I had it and didn’t use it (dammit!). I used regular mortar between all of the hearth bricks and I have started on placing the fire bricks. Should I use a bead of mortar over the regular mortar that I put in there? I am going to use the high temp mortar when securing the cupula to the base, but will that be enough?


You don’t have to use the hi-temp mortar for those bricks. It is optional so I wouldn’t sweat it.


I’m glad you didn’t use it!

You wouldn’t have had enough High Temperature mortar to finish your oven. We originally suggested using HTM between the red bricks, but we are changing that to standard $6 a bag mortar on Directions 2.0.

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Thanks. I am glad you said that. Even after I found the mortar you sent in the package, I thought that wouldn’t be nearly enough for all the brick work. Glad there will be adjustments in the plans!