Do I need insulation under the edge brick around the hearth slab?

image I am building a 48 inch oven , Does the First first bricks they call (soldiers) Has to be on top Of the insulation? I am insulating Under under cooking surface before the floor bricks, but not underneath of the structure bricks. Is that OK.

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Hi Jerry,

Sorry for the late reply; your question was posted in the General section which doesn’t always notify us of new threads.

Yes, if I’m understanding this correctly, you are okay. The hearth firebrick need to be on top of insulation to keep their heat from being sucked into the slab. The framing bricks aren’t taking heat the same way, so they’re okay on top of the slab.

Hope your build has gone well!

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100% Correct! No need for insulation under the solider course edge brick.