Door in the Base

Hi all,
as spring approaches i am planning to finish the base of my oven. I need to do some stackstone on the sides to hide the cinder blocks. I am also seen some awesome examples of doors for the lower section. Like on the main page, in the review left by the Moon Family.
I think closing the door with a door would kick up the look factor and keep the wood inside dry. I did a search through the forums, but did not see anything. If any of you guys have any advice, i would appreciate it.

Made mine from cedar scraps. Not perfect but it does keep the wood dry


thanks for the pics! I like it!! You have given me some ideas to work with and i thank you for that!


Welcome back Ryan!

Keeping the wood dry would be especially important for those of us who have oriented our ovens facing west (which in my location means facing driving rain on occasion!). Thanks for the pics. Looks like you’re getting great use out of your oven. :slight_smile: