Drago P1 Plus propane burner


I have purchased a P1 Plus propane burner for my planned Cortile build. A few questions hoping someone has the knowledge and experience building with a Drago burner.

  1. Any known info sources for building the Cortile using a Drago burner?
  2. While I do have access to a 1,000 gl underground propane tank to fuel the oven I am curious if the oven can be fueled using a 20lb grill tank. If so, would the tank empty rather quickly?
  3. I am concerned that the base will need some sort of ventilation when using propane. Any thoughts? The front would be closed with an installed door.


Hello and Congrats on your Drago P1 purchase!

I know you are pleased with your purchase and I have heard nothing but good things about that particular burner.

  1. We don’t have any information about the Drago, other than what is listed on this forum (Search: Drago). Sometime in the near future, we plan on adding a “gas-burner” section to our forum but at this time, it’s primarily focused on wood.

  2. That’s my question to! But I was thinking on a little smaller scale - Those 5lb models you see everywhere. Granted, the underground tank access would be AWESOME (make sure you have a double shut-off valve), a 20lb would be enough gas to last all summer (I would imagine).

  3. Having had no experience w/ gas - that is an excellent question that I would not have considered… until all our guests were face down, sprawled around the pizza oven. Great heads-up on venting!

I’ve got your email address from your forum registration and I’m going to reach-out to our customers that have mentioned using the Drago P1 and see if they can provide you with any input. Hopefully they will contact you directly!

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Any guidance from customers with Drago builds would be great! Thank you for your assistance.