Dry Brined Skirt Steak

Yeah, it has been a minute so I thought I’d drop some images. I dry brined some skirt steak and grilled over the Tuscan grill. I finished off dinner with some potatoes and asparagus. Pretty darn tasty!


Oh my Gosh!

Those look mouth-wateringly AMAZING!

I just got a bit of drool on my keyboard!

Thanks for sending the delicious pics!!!

For anyone wanting to recreate these wood-fired dishes in their wood-fired oven, you can purchase these Steve Raichlen Tuscan Grills at -


Also available at Overstock.com

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That oven of yours is real trouble, @Demond … it makes me drool every time you post photos!

I really like that you’re showing off some other techniques and cookware. I use a large cast iron skillet with no handle for Pork Saltimbocca.

I can only imagine how tasty those little potatoes were. My spouse usually does them in the house, but now I’m going to show her your photos and suggest, hey, we already have a fire going! Why not?

Thanks for dropping by, and feel free to keep tempting us!

The Raichlen grill is spoken highly of by everyone who has one. I’ve made do with a cast iron grate I got at Home Depot a couple of seasons ago (propped up with spare firebrick):

Those chicken parts would take about 40 minutes on the gas grill; they were done to a crispy delicious finish on this setup in under 30. Unfortunately, no finish photos because we were hungry!

I think long term we’ll replace this setup with a Raichlen grill because it doesn’t cover the whole span of the oven.


That pork looks mighty tasty! It’s great to see what Bikerbudmatt throws in the oven :blush:. I hadn’t thought of doing saltimbocca but you can be sure it is now on the list!