Finishing the oven - mix of paint, stone tile, and mosaic

Headed into the home stretch. We are planning to do a mix of paint, pebble tile on mesh backing and glass stones. I have some questions.

First how long does the last stucco layer need to cure before we attach tile and paint?

Second, The pebble tile needs to be sealed before mortaring. Does it need to be organic like the Eco Friendly masonry sealer @BrickWood recommends for simply sealing the stucco? (I am not sure they are the same kind of sealer)

Third, Is standard sanded grout okay on the outside of the pizza oven?

Thanks everyone!

Hello, Lee,

The second layer of stucco needs 3-4 days to cure. You’ll see it change color, lightening as the water evaporates. It’s important to allow that to happen before you apply finishes.

I’d use the organic sealer, just on the principle that I don’t want some of the substances in a standard sealer anywhere near food I’m serving or eating.

Standard sanded grout on the outside is fine, as long as you waterproof the joints with sealer.

Good luck with your final steps. Patience here will be rewarded!

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Thanks. Will post photos when all done!

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Thought of another question. Should I use S type mortar or thinset to attach the mesh backed stone tile?

My inclination is to say “thinset,” but I’ll leave that answer to those who have more experience with the kind of tile you’re placing.

I did the tumbled pebble mesh-backed “tiles” on my oven, and I used the “large format” tile adhesive that Floor & Decor sells. Mapei Ultraflex LFT - the non-sag property was perfect for adhering the mesh to the back and sides of the oven. It’s neither a thinset nor a mortar, but something in between. As for grout, you definitely want sanded grout on the pebbles, due to the large and irregular spacing between the stones.

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Thanks. I appreciate the info!