Fire Brick on the pizza oven cooking surface shifted to different heights

I bought a kit from you I think it was in 2014. The floor of the oven is not level over time. Is there a way to fix this?

If the fire brick has elevated or sunk more than a .25", you want to remove that fire brick and try again (see How to Remove a Fire Brick ). Add or remove sand to the appropriate level - use a chunk of the broken fire brick that you just removed to verify sand height prior to putting in the new fire brick.

If the fire brick shift is less than a .25", you simply want to hit the corners of the elevated fire brick with the bottom of an angle grinder blade. Make sure you don’t get trigger happy and grind to much… so pull the trigger and let her rip to full speed… then let go of the trigger - THEN grind. After several passes, the elevated fire brick will be level w/ the other surrounding fire brick.

If you do this procedure as described, can you plz take several pics and add them to this post? We can do video too if you want to hit that record button :wink:

Thank you for the message.
I dont think i can grind as most of the bricks have sunk and it would still make it uneven. I will recheck and see my options. Can you please pass the link to HOW to Remove a Fire Brick?

Hi Monty,

Here’s one way to do it, using a little Gorilla Glue and a spare piece of brick (doesn’t have to be firebrick, but if you’re like most of us, you still have a few of those around). If you are trying to reuse that same brick, do not use this method. It is meant for cracked brick.

For a brick that you simply want to remove and reset, you’ll need to find a similar method to grab on to the exposed surface of the brick and lift it straight out. If you have access to the kind of industrial strength suction cups used to move materials, that should do it. Or, you can try a less tenacious and permanent adhesive than Gorilla Glue. The key is to lift straight up and far enough so you can get hold of the sides and finish lifting.

Once you’ve done that, you should see a familiar sight: the sand you laid into your void as a leveling medium. Most likely you will have to remove some sand because it has shifted over from adjoining bricks. Take out a little more than you think you have to. The goal is to see the bottom edges of the adjoining bricks, and to level the center to match. Pay careful attention to this, because you don’t want to pry that brick out twice.

When ready, slip your brick back into its home. Use your rubber mallet to deliver gentle taps until the brick is level with its mates.

PS: Love the little intention over the lower doors.

Question… this should have been the first question, but have you tried to level the surface by tapping the fire brick w/ a rubber mallet yet? Since the firebrick are sand set, tapping various fire brick will move the sand under the brick and help adjust the fire brick in position.