Fire clay questions from Canada

Hi all!!
I live in the Yukon and have absolutely no chance of finding materials locally. I have found a source for fire clay in Edmonton called Plainsman. Is their Plainsman fire clay on par with the Lincoln 60 fire clay??
It has been very difficult to find materials for this project and now the costs are becoming very difficult to accept. The bricks I need will cost almost double to ship that to purchase. If I indeed go ahead with this project it will be a very expensive loaf of bread or pizza that i’ll be eating…

Hello, Bernie, and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

Plainsman Fireclay looks like it would fit the bill, from reading their data sheet for it. (And I’ll add that Plainsman seems to have very thorough analyses of all their materials, with photos, available online.)

It’s a little finer at a 42-screen particle size, which isn’t surprising because Plainsman really seems intent on serving the pottery and glaze market, but I think it would still be usable.

@BrickWood would have some technical insight on this as well.

I’d suggest that you call Plainsman directly, explain the application, and particularly that you are using it as the refractory component for a mortar mix. They mention that in their data sheet, so you’d just be confirming it.

As for the general cost, I agree that shipping masonry materials to your location is going to be expensive, and most of the alternatives that would normally come to mind are likely to be unavailable to you. Are you located in a settled area, or within a reasonable distance from one? I’m wondering how (or if) construction of dwellings and infrastructure happens where you live.

So glad you found us, Bernie, and hope we can help figure this out.

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Thanks for the input!! I did call Plainsman and they tell me there is very little difference between the two…I think I would be comfortable using it for the mortar required.

Yes I am very close to Whitehorse (Population around 40K) but no local suppliers are interested in bringing in any odd products I suspect they just don’t want to spend the time looking for the stuff.
Anyway, I have been lucky and found all the stuff I need just have to get it rounded up and put on a truck for up here…Oh yea and just smile and choke on the cost. I’ll put my order in soon for the Barile Grande soon and with any luck start this year. If stuff takes to long to get here and I run out of weather I’ll get it done next year for sure.

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