Flame Guard Specifications? "Lower Oven Package"

Ordered “Essentials Package” and “Lower Oven Package” back in 2020 and buried and stored these while building my house. Now ready to build the Box but have lost or misplaced the flame guards, critter guards and smoker chokers from the Lower Oven Package. I have located the door assembly from the Lower Oven Package so I still have that.

Currently on the website, it appears that there are no more LOPs available (sold out) and don’t know when they will become available again. In order to start building the Box, I’ll need the flame guards. I’d like to get the dimensions and gauge for all of the stainless steel flame guard pieces, and I will attempt to fabricate these.

The best solution would be if Brickwood has a set of flame guards I could re-purchase. I have reached out with my predicament via the website contact option and am waiting for a reply. Any help would really be appreciated as I can’t build the Box without the guards. Thanks.

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