Food Safe Ovenzz refractory

My name is Mark. I am researching refractory materials for an oven build. I see that the kit instructions list Harbison Walker castable refractory and regular fire bricks. I also see that Harbison Walker has introduced Ovenzz products that are certified NSF certified food safe. Does it matter which ones are used ? I am sure that there are hundreds of ovens out there that were built before Ovenzz products were created.

Hi Mark, and welcome to the BrickWood forum.

The Ovenzz products are great, and they’re definitely pricier. I believe the target audience for them is commercial kitchens and restaurants.

When I was building my oven, H-W had the Ovenzz line available. But when I talked to their rep, he recommended tried and true refractory and did not even mention Ovenzz.

We like Harbison Walker a lot here. The best thing to do is to have BrickWood’s plans in hand, call H-W directly, and describe which oven you’re building and what the plans call for. Let them recommend the right castable.

Also, you can purchase firebrick from H-W, but you don’t have to. One thing they have going for them is that their brick is a standard dimension and is the basis for BrickWood’s drawings. But a refractory firebrick from a reputable dealer that is specified as low-duty or medium-duty is fine and will save you a little money.