Galvanized Steel Conduit Tubing

I am confused here. Again…

How is the conduit measured? I saw the picture and it indicates it is 1/2" OD.

The Conduit Tubing is 1/2" (0.5), and the Steel Bar is 5/8" (0.625). The steel Bar will fit inside the conduit tubing, but is it not thicker?

Materials page state 1/2" x 36 steel bar. Which one is it?

The 1/2" OD is a Tube. It slides in / out of the 3/4" OD Tube.

The 5/8" Bar is solid steel… it is inserted into the tube that is 1/2" OD.

YES - the measurements don’t add up (as 5/8" will not go into 1/2")… but it’s just one of those materials mysteries (a 2" x 4" is only 1.5" x 3.5").

While you are at the hardware store getting your 1/2" Galvanized Tube, take that tube to the solid steel bar section and you can see which solid steel bar will fit INSIDE that 1/2" OD tube.

** You can always add the solid steel bar at a later time / day. It’s not crucial to have - but it makes the 1/2" OD tube nice and rigid.