High Temperature Mortar Question

Hello again, thanks for all the prompt replys on my questions.

  1. I am building the matone barille (the smaller oven). I noticed on one of the instructions for the base there is mention of using just plane mortar (base instructions) for the framing bricks. In the oven instructions it lists high temperature mortar for the frame bricks. Does it matter that much??

  2. I am having a hard time locating all materials for the high temp mortar mix. I bought Sairset from our local store only to find out on the forum that it is NOT recommended- so I removed the one layer of framing bricks that I started on. So- heat stop would be reasonable? How many bags would I need?

  3. The mortar between the framing bricks is tough to make look nice- the mortar kind of gets everywhere…any tips to make it look better? I suppose I can just wipe it off but it was hard to get off the bricks completely.

thanks so much!!


  1. I used plain old Type-S mortar for the framing bricks and have had no issues in the year since I built it. The bricks do warm up but never get so hot that I can’t touch them.

  2. I don’t understand this question. What are you having trouble finding? Finding the fireclay and lime was a bit challenging but google was able to help.

  3. I used my trowel to scrape off any excess that squeezed out of the gaps when I leveled the bricks. Your right that this leaves a lot of mortar. Let it set up for a bit and then wipe with a damp (not wet) sponge. Use as light of touch as you can.

Hope this helps.

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Wait until you’re done, then see this topic. Take @BrickWood’s word for it that you need a light touch and a fast rinse, but it’s the way to go.

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Good call removing the Sairset!

Sairset is a wet premix that is NOT non-water soluable… and it hardens once it has been exposed to high temps (like fire). So those Sairset mortar joints are still soft when you are removing your foam form - which can EASILY lead to mortar cracking / mortar failure.

The best (IMHO) and least expensive high-temp mortar can be made at home - How to make High-Temperature Mortar with a low-cost 4 material blend (Silica Sand, Portland Cement, Fireclay and Lime) - Construction Materials Needed to Build a BrickWood - BrickWood Ovens

If you choose to use a bagged High Temperature Mortar:

Mattone Barile - 330lbs High-Temperature Mortar Pre-Mix (Dry)
Mattone Barile Grande - 385lbs High-Temperature Mortar Pre-Mix (Dry)

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