Hiring a contractor to build a BrickWood Box

Has anyone hired a contractor to build their box? I’d be doing the smoker. Not handy at all and want to leave it to a pro… curious what your contractor cost was so I know what range to expect. Also, did not see anything on the recommended contractor page here, so guessing that doesn’t exist? I’m in the Phoenix area.

There are a lot of steps involved when building a BrickWood Box and having a contractor making multiple trips / visits to your home would be very expensive. You are easily looking at several thousands in labor costs (not including materials).

One way to save a few dollars is to build as much of the oven as you can - then hire a few “steps” out to a private contactor to finish your oven. Several of our customers have hired-out the construction of their oven base to a local contractor, then they built the oven themselves.

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