How can I protect my Fire Pit Grill from the elements?

Hi, sorry for bothering you! I’m wondering, will it be resistant to rust, dampness etc? And will the customizable covers(like this) be suitable for him? Or I missed smth and you got your own covers?

Hi Frank! Great to see you again.

The bars that support the grill surfaces are stainless steel, so no rust or issues with dampness there. The grills are cast iron, which you do want to keep “seasoned” and will happen naturally with use because we generally get grease and oils from foods we grill. I would not leave them out on the fire pit between uses.

A customizable cover like the one you link would be suitable. If it were me I’d find some way to prop it up in the center so that water runs off rather than pooling over a big cavity and pulling the cover right into the fire pit. I don’t believe BrickWood has covers available for this. But what you linked, and maybe a large vinyl play ball to prop it, would do the job.

If you decide to go ahead and build it, you know how much I’d love to see photos!


We’ve had our Fire Pit Grill for about 4 or 5 years now and it’s holding up great!

That’s 4 or 5 wet, rainy, snowy and cold Seattle years exposed to the elements w/out any issue. Our grill isn’t covered… and I always forget to bring in the cast iron grilling grates, but neither the grates nor the brackets show any rust.

To increase the longevity of your grates, you need to bring them into the garage or covered porch… and occasionally season them with cooking oil as @bikerbudmatt suggested.

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