How is the Cortile Barile series oven different from your other oven kits?

The Cortile Barile is our newest oven that has been in development for a while and it’s performing better than we could have ever imagined! The Cortile is a low-cost way to build a low-ceiling (14") castable refractory oven in a super-fast amount of time! It usually takes under 2 hours to pour and pack.

While the Cortile retains the classic barrel shape, the castable refractory provides exceptional heat retention that is noticeably better than firebrick. With its lower profile ceiling (interior height), you are able to cook foods faster while using less firewood than a standard Barile series oven.

The only notable drawback is the lower opening height. At 10.5", getting larger items into the oven can be a challenge (like large turkeys), and using the oven as a BBQ is almost impossible - but can be done.