How much does a fire brick cost? What's a good price range?

The price of firebrick can range from $1.50 all the way to $4.00 (Hawaii).

We’ve talked to customers in all 50 states and the average price per firebrick is around $1.75. If you are quoted more than $3.25 per brick, you should probably consider calling a different firebrick dealer.

I think I have seen it in at almost $7.00 a piece, 10x $69. I am not sure if this means 10 pieces or 10 boxes.

Yes. 10 brick to a unit. The price is for 1 unit of 10. And you have to order at least 10 boxes.

@BrickWood would be the first to tell you that he carries these only for people who absolutely cannot get firebrick any other way, or who want absolute one-stop-shopping convenience. The price reflects shipping by truck, and for most people this is not the way you should go.

The $1.50 to $4.00 range is much more typical. Local brick and materials dealers truck in full wagons of brick, so their freight cost to the yard is much, much lower. You can have a local materials dealer deliver your firebrick on a pallet to your home.

Hope this helps!

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@bikerbudmatt is 100% Spot On!

Shipping / Freight is CRAZY expensive… especially for heavy masonry materials. Then you have to add the cost of Residential Delivery… and Liftgate Delivery fees (unless you have a forklift parked in your garage).

Almost everyone in America & Canada lives a few miles from a masonry materials dealer that stocks all of the materials needed to build a pizza oven. And their prices are MUCH, MUCH lower than what we have to charge to ship the same materials to you.

This is why we encourage EVERYONE to purchase their masonry materials locally!

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