I built a brick pizza oven.... and it's AWESOME!

I’ve been cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven for about a year now, and have become very interested in brick ovens for other styles of live fire cooking. Francis Mallmann, and others, have inspired this new interest of mine - and I decided to build (brick by brick) a brick wood-fired oven. I built it over the firebox of our smoker in our BBQ Supply Shop - with a design platform from Brickwood Ovens It wasn’t as easy as they made it sound, but was a very rewarding laborious project that I am excited to enjoy the fruits (or breads) of…

Building the base:

Laying the oven floor - 2700 degree firebrick

Building the first layer of the dome- again firebrick

Finishing the dome

Lookin’ good - first layer done - smoker getting used to its new friend

After the dome firebrick is laid, we wrapped it in 2 layers of ceramic fiber blanket (insulation), and then finished it with a layer of 110 year old reclaimed Chicago “BBQ Pit” Brick… Gotta say, I am incredibly happy with the finished product.

We’ll be using this in our Pit-to-Plate dinners… very excited to have this new toy in my arsenal!