I'd rather not keep bending down

Hi! I’m new here. My wife and I are building on 5 acres and have plenty of room to play. I have back issues and am looking for a design for a smoker/grill/oven/fireplace that keeps everything at counter height. Has anyone here done something like that?

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Hi John, and welcome to the BrickWood forum!

I’m sure that someone has done something along those lines. The main issues to address are a stable base that can bear a heavy load, and a safe configuration that doesn’t get the heat and smoke too close to your face. Have you tried searching through the forum? (The search here is very good.) I’d look for “custom box” or similar terms.

Of course, the best thing would be if one of our intrepid BrickWood Box builders were to see this post and respond. As one example take a look at this:

(I know it’s a fireplace combined with an oven, but the photos will give you an idea of the kind of support that’s needed.)

Welcome, and let’s talk this out into a plan!

The brickwood box is a perfect height for your back as a grill and fire pit. The only issue is as a smoker. While the height of the food is fine, you do need to light the fire and feed the wood at ground level. For smoking I always use pretty small pieces of wood so its not too hard on the back, but there is definitely bending. (P.S. my brickwood box smoked thanksgiving turkey was clearly better than any turkey I every roasted) (pps Pizza oven is perfect height but that’s a different conversation)

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Thanks but a ground level oven or smoke box just aren’t options that will work for me. I’m too old and too fat :older_man:

I’ve seen articles where people use their pizza ovens as smokers. That may be an option but I’m really looking for a dedicated smoker or grill/smoker.

It can be done, but I think you’re right to insist on a dedicated smoker design. I think your first step is to do some experiments with (don’t laugh) some cardboard boxes to figure out what would work for you regarding height. The advantage of building your own is that it can accommodate your needs rather than a generic design for a broad marketplace.

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