Insulating blanket

Hi Matt,

A question on two blankets… I bought the two blankets… do you wrap both and then wire and stucco, or do you do one… wrap, wire and stucco and then wrap with the second, wire and stucco again?

Good question!

You wrap both boxes of blanket, then wire and stucco.

The reason is that the chicken wire makes a matrix for the wet stucco. It won’t do anything in between layers of insulation.

If you find that despite your best efforts the chicken wire doesn’t stay flat over all that insulation, you can cut some 3 inch lengths of tie wire, bend each one into a narrow “U” shape (like a long staple), and insert it at an angle straddling a strand of the chicken wire and into the insulation. Works like a charm!

Good luck!


Thanks, I really appreciate your help.