Is a Red Silicone Pipe Flashing Boot Suitable for Use with the DuraTech Exhaust Kit?

Hello, after a year of use I am adding a roof over the oven. wondering if anyone can say if this flashing transition piece will work with the heat of the oven. Rated to 500 #3 Roofjack Square Silicone Pipe Flashing Boot, Red

This will be installed at least 3 feet above the chimney brick. I am not at the oven today so can’t give exact measurements



Hi Lee and welcome back!

So, if you originally used the DuraTech chimney kit or a similar product, you have a double-wall stove pipe. The inner pipe takes contact heat by conduction from the hot air exhausting from the oven. The outer pipe has an air break between inner and outer pipes. It still gets hot, and though I’ve not measured it in a while, I don’t believe it’s as hot as 500°F.

Superficially I think it can be compared to the red silicone sealant that is supplied with the DuraTech kit, and I think the silicone version of this boot would work fine.

Good luck with your roof project. I’m going to be extra-interested in photos because I’m starting to lean in that direction for extending my oven. Thanks!