Locating Stucco

Hey Guys, having a hard time locating stucco. I did find a company that has an 80 lb of a Quikrete stucco and also a product called Dryvit, which I guess is a product similar to stucco. Does anyone have experience with these products? Would the Quikrete stucco suffice? Thanks for your input!

Hi Seth,

If you cannot find stucco, you can instead use ordinary mortar, which is more commonly available.

Read this thread for the details.

The upshot: stucco is essentially mortar with reinforcing fibers added. It’s meant to stand on vertical surfaces without sagging or drooping; that’s what the fibers add. For your oven it’s only slightly preferable, but ordinary mortar will also do the job.

So if you have a ready supply of stucco, that’s good. But if you have to pay a premium, or it’s difficult to obtain, then get some ordinary (not firestop or refractory) mortar and be happy.