Mattone Barile - How many pizzas at one time?


I am trying to decide what size pizza oven to build and for my space I think that a Mattone Barile makes the most sense. For those who have used theirs for a while now, how many 12 - 14 inch pizzas can I make at the same time? How long do you does it take to cook a pizza in this model?

Thanks very much.

I make one at a time. I cook while the wife forms the dough and tops the pizza. When the oven is at temp it takes about the same amount of time to cook a pizza as it does for her to make one so I don’t really have a need to do more. I think the pizzas cook in about 90-120 seconds though this increases as the oven cools.

Note that I have done two at a time with no issue but, as I said, I just don’t have the need to do that.

Bonus: I burn a lot less wood keeping the Barile hot than my friend who has a bigger dome type oven.


I generally make two at a time, but hear me out. It’s two of us, and I make enough dough for 5 pies. 2 are for us to eat, and the other 3 generally get chilled for another day. One slice at lunchtime is very satisfying.

I think 3 at a time would be an upper limit. Beyond that I’m managing more than I want to.

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