McCoun Family Wood Fueled Oven

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Very Nice!
I like the use of the Jeep to move the slabs. My son-in-law has an engine lift and we used that.

If you don’t mind my asking, where did you get the stainless steel doors and drawers to the right of your oven? I’m currently looking at options for storage.

Yes, the slabs were a challenge. We actually poured them on the garage floor on the other side of the house.

The Drawers were there when we moved in, we added the Stainless Steel Door that we got from a company that makes back yard islands. They sell them on Amazon and other places. The company that we got it from gave us a good deal because it’s one they bought for another project and ended up not using it.

It worked out great, the door gave us a lot of access for storage. The concrete was 6" thick, so cutting through it was a challenge, but well worth it.

Well, that was one well-engineered build! I think this is the first time I’ve seen a slab pulled into position by a motorized vehicle. I imagine that was a bit of a challenge with the fence behind the Jeep!

I like that you have figured out both shelter and safe smoke ventilation for your oven. That would make it a 4-seasons appliance in many climates, and you have the added benefit of your cooking area being shielded from at least the stack smoke.

Good work, Doug! Here’s to many happy bakes in your new BrickWood!

Congratulations on your build

Thank you Bikerbudmatt!
This was a project that my Son and I was able to do. We want to thank you for all of your advice and guidance. You give folks a lot of great advice that we were able to follow too.

We used the winch on the Jeep, once we got the system down they went right up. The back up plan was to use an Engine Cherry Picker, but because it is so close to the other island, that was going to be problematic.

We didn’t have any experience in this type of construction, just about everything we did was for the first time. In fact we had to do many things over.

Were learning more on how to cook every time we make pizzas, pulled pork. bread or what ever we can think of… so that when Covid restrictions are lifted, we will be able to have people to enjoy it with us.

That was the idea to make it a year round oven, we love to cook outside and with the wood fired oven, the gas grill and the Traeger, I think were pretty much set.

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Truly a pleasure, along with all the folks here. Building with masonry materials is a mystery until you actually do it. And now your Son also has that experience and can carry that into life. We all know when we need to call in professionals, but it’s great to have confidence that there’s lots of things we can do ourselves. (I’ll still call a plumber when needed, though! :slight_smile: )

Winching up the slabs is a grade-A solution. Well done!

And with that setup, Doug, you are going to be well set up once we all can start visiting again. Your guests are going to be well fed.

I love your oven. Where did you get the hooks to store the utensils? They are amazing.

Thank you! One bracket came in the kit and I bought the others on Amazon. The extra one’s I bought were : “American Metalcraft (WPH45153) Peel Rack Chrome on Steel” I’ve also seen them listed as a Pizza Peel Rack. You can see that I bought a few extra to keep all my tools handy!

Thank you. I will take a look.