Minimum Footprint of the Cortile Barile pizza oven

I have not started yet and I’d like to reduce my Cortile Barile oven footprint. The standard red bricks around the firebrick/oven are adding up to a bigger footprint than I prefer. Can I create a 2" concrete border around the firebrick to contain the firebrick and that will suffice? I am planning on a DIY concrete countertop for the bar next to my pizza oven, so my thought is to just extend that concrete bar top to contain the pizza oven firebricks. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello -

I just opened the Cortile file - and here are the MINIMUM measurements of the oven. This is the oven itself, 2 layers of blanket and 2 layers of stucco…

Thank you for the reply. My question is more specifically about the base below the oven, with the firebrick. I assume you have to surround the firebrick with something to keep it together, as there is no mortar between the firebrick. Will a concrete countertop work to keep the firebrick in place and, the crux of the question, stand up to the heat?