My Build: So Far So Good

Just wanted to share some photos of my progress so far. I’ve been following the instructions with one major exception: the hearth was built in-place using a single pour. I didn’t have any way to lift the 3 hearth slabs, so I used eight 56x8x4 concrete lentils to build the hearth slab on. This allowed me to make a simple rectangular form for the hearth slab (See pictures).


It looks great so far, I’ve had a great time building mine, and am almost done with it. The best part of it is using it. It preforms wonderfully once I used it a few times and got the hang of it. Enjoy yours as much as you can.


Thanks Bill, glad to hear you’re almost finished. I totally agree, the best part is using it. We’ve gotten to know our neighbors so much better by having them over for pizza nights, that alone has made the work more than worth it. Good luck on your pizza journey!