Outer shell regular mortar mix

I used regular mortar for the outer shell- not high temp mortar. After the insulation. I could find stucco so applied regular mortar mix…

Am I in trouble???

There’s not a huge difference between stucco and mortar mix. Some stucco mixes have glass or acrylic additives. You can mix your own finish coat of stucco with masonry sand, portland cement and water. Mortar mix uses masonry cement which is lime and Portland cement.

I think you’re fine.

If I’m understanding, you made your oven arch with firebrick and the high temp mortar. You applied the fiber insulation and chicken wire over that. You then used two coats of regular mortar to form the outer stucco shell.

If that’s what you did, you are absolutely fine and even within the specified materials for the design. BrickWood says stucco mix if you can, but regular mortar will do. I used the “Type S” mortar because the local Lowe’s carries it, but it’s absolutely fine to use all purpose mortar as @Newman says.

No trouble at all.

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