Oven is complete and we are cooking!

It seemed to take forever to build! We only had some weekends, dependent on weather. We had moments we felt we had no idea what we were doing and others we absolutely knew we did not know what we were doing. In the end it all turned out!

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Hello Patricia -

Glad to hear she’s up and running! Now the REAL fun begins!

When you have a free moment (and after you’ve taken a few glamor shots of the oven in action) - can you post a few pics to our Photo Gallery?



I know that feeling. It took more than a couple of weekends to get ours done. We modified the mattone barile by making it 7 inches shorter and 5 inches lower…AND ITS STILL HUGE. Were at the stage of completion. Just purchased an 18 in chimney, anchor, damper and an 8 inch outer diameter cap (could not get myself to use a 12 inch cap). Looking for a metalwork shop that can cut me 2 doors.So basically its done.

WOW! Beautiful job!!!

I’d say. What a gorgeous build!

Congratulations Patricia! All that faith (blind and otherwise) will pay off now. :pizza:

Amazing, I really like the decorative front! Great job!